Where is the best place to buy an apartment?

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Where is the best place to buy an apartment?

Modern architecture steps towards the consumer by forgetting about the typical projects of the last century. The real estate market is able to meet requirements of the most sophisticated buyers, offering apartments for every taste and purse:

  • elite;
  • business;
  • economy class.

At all times, the main contenders for housing purchases are active, young people who do not have steady financial ability. The prevailing view that the secondary housing market is cheaper and more reliable living space than a new building is just a myth. In practice, the price per square meter of new housing can be significantly lower.

What do you need to know, when you are buying an apartment?

Your choice should starts with selection a suitable location for the future house. Habitual area is not always favorable for further life. Prioritize, determine the most important social infrastructure objects to you now and in the future. Entrust the analysis, according to the given parameters, to experienced specialists. They will research for you:

  • presence of such important objects as kindergarten, school (their occupancy, level of preparation), polyclinic, pharmacy, good supermarket near the house;
  • transport accessibility - types of public transport, the proximity of stops, the convenience of road interchanges, access roads, parking spaces;
  • landscaping, presence of a green park zone, places for rest;
  • quality of engineering networks;
  • the state of the environment - gas contamination of streets, the absence of dangerous objects, noisy highways nearby;
  • criminal situation.

Expert review, held by "Place - index", will help in buying an apartment in the most comfortable place.

Whatever the state of the country's economy, real estate is always expensive, but even being limited in funds, you can buy a full-fledged one-bedroom apartment or Smart. A small area has a number of advantages:

  • not high utility bills;
  • less repair costs;
  • creating comfort with built-in appliances and furniture.

Where can you buy a new one-bedroom apartment?

The best option is in the new house. Sale of apartments starts long before commissioning. Becoming an interest-holder at an early stage of construction, the coveted square meters can be obtained much cheaper. But there is a risk that the developer will not fulfill his obligations, so before signing the contract follow these steps:

  • check the reputation of construction company;
  • study the permissive, project documentation, the deadlines for finishing house;
  • take an interest in the reliability of partner banks.

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