How to buy a property?

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How to buy a property?

Each person, revolving in a cycle of affairs, events, unsolved problems, joys and failures, is individual, but everyone dreams of having their own home. Some people prefer to live in a green suburb, others - in the prestigious historical center of the city. Choosing a convenient location for future housing is a responsible decision, often taken only once in a lifetime. Do not hurry with the choice of suitable area, turn to professionals. Experienced specialists Place - index will provide you qualified assistance in purchasing housing by carefully analysis the standard of living in the place you prefer, and create for you a report with the most convenient options.

Important life’s quality criteria

Choosing the world around us, we all strive to maximize our comfort and safety. To be sure that move to new housing will not become a "survival school", check how close to home are:

  • kindergarten and school (its level of education, road safety);
  • medical institutions, pharmacies;
  • children's playgrounds;
  • athletic facilities;
  • shopping centers;
  • public transport stops (traffic schedule);
  • parking lots, guarded parking lots.

It is important to be familiar with the criminal and environmental situation.

The park zone, a comfortable quay in walking distance is much more attractive than a noisy highway under the window or a large, industrial enterprise in the immediate vicinity.

To analyze everything by yourself is too time-consuming task. Expert review, held according to a specially developed, patented "Place-index" algorithm is an indispensable, practical help in the purchase of housing.

Minimize the risks.

When you have decided question about the territorial location, start to choice of the real estate. In addition to the floor and layout, be sure you pay attention to:

  • year of construction of the house;
  • material of walls, roof, floors;
  • the arrangement of windows relative to the sides of the world;
  • work of all engineering communications;
  • the state of entrances and adjacent territory.

When you have made a choice of the real estate, start studying the documents:

  • the seller's data in the identity card and the certificate of ownership must completely coincide;
  • check the availability of interested third parties, underage children which are registered in the living space;
  • find out the terms of payment for utilities, the availability of debt.

Although buying a home is an exhilarating process, during of signing a contract, discard all your emotions, so that reasonable priorities become important investments.

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