How to buy an apartment in a new building?

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How to buy an apartment in a new building?

Light, clean, not burdened by the history of previous owner’s lives and poor-quality repairs and obsolete networks, an apartment in a new house is an ideal solution to the housing problem.

Innovative technologies used today in construction, thoughtful layouts with spacious halls, large kitchens, bathrooms, new engineering communications are guarantee to ensure safety and comfort of the inhabitants.

It is right to start the apartment's choice with definition of territorial location your future house; it is needed to find out:

  • how well developed is the social infrastructure of the district;
  • how convenient is road interchanges;
  • quality of public transport;
  • ecological situation around the future housing.

Do not take rash steps. Competent specialists "Place-index" with help of a specially developed algorithm will conduct for you to the thorough analysis and choose the best option.

In what new building to buy an apartment?

After you have made the choice of the area, check reputation of the real estate developer:

  • duration of his successful work;
  • company’s ownership form;
  • experience of erecting such type houses;
  • reliability of partner banks.

You also need to read the statute carefully, because there can be found hidden important details, take a look at:

  • project of development and improvement of the territory;
  • conclusions of the architectural and construction review;
  • commissioning time;
  • eligibility to build on this land plot territory;
  • plans for future activities.

Possessing of such information, you can minimize any risks of lost your money without having a new house.

When is the best time to buy a house in a new building?

You can buy apartments from the builder at the different stages of construction. Apartments sale starts with the beginning of housebuilding. If you are limited of time, then the most effective way to you is buying an apartment in a house that has already been commissioned. Although if you have a possibility to wait, you can buy or even reserve desired living space at the initial stage of construction.

There are advantages of such deal:

  • potential buyer have full freedom of choice (internal layout, number of storeys);
  • more profitable price, because, usually, by the end of construction cost grows by 30 - 50%.

no risk to wait for housewarming for years, become a victim of long-term construction.

Do not rush in making your decision, research and be careful. In a well-designed apartment in a new building in sunny Novorossiysk, you can arrange everything according to your requirements, habits, tastes, significantly improve your standard of living.

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