Where is it better to buy a house?

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Where is it better to buy a house?

In the real estate market, individual houses are demanded at all times. Nowadays, many people, tired of the bustle, noisy neighbors and uncomfortable entrances, wonder where they can buy a private house and enjoy their life in harmony with nature. Before the future homeowners opens a wide range of offers:

  • a new house in some prestigious cottage settlement - a high price is compensated by the European standard of living (houses are built of modern materials, new communications, landscaped territories, availability of all necessary social infrastructure facilities);
  • housing in the city (most often it is very expensive, low price may indicate possible soon destruction of the house, illegal construction and many other problems);
  • in the suburbs - an ideal option for those wishing to own a country house without having a strong financial ability;
  • cozy house in the village - very popular among eco-houses fans.

If you want your property could be remained in price for many years, not lost its liquidity, than during choosing process, in addition to the layout and technical condition of the house, the fertility of the land, it is necessary to take into account a number of important factors:

  • availability of well-established communications, mobile communications, the Internet;
  • transport accessibility, schedule for public transport;
  • location of the school, kindergarten, shop, pharmacy, ATM within walking distance;
  • natural characteristics of the terrain (proximity of forests, ponds, mountains);
  • environmental cleanliness, lack of a number of objects polluting the environment, high-voltage power lines;
  • the social status of neighbors;
  • safety.

The right choice is the key to successful purchase.

It is difficult to analyze attentively all pros and cons of the areas you like, especially it is a long distance to reach. Competent specialists "Place - index", which have a vast experience, will help you in buying or selling a house.

Being guided by the given parameters, tastes and habits of the particular customer, they will select optimal options in the right price range.

Small tips

Your mode of life can modify the "green paradise" therefore:

  • do not buy a house in the village without own car;
  • provide security to your loved ones - set the alarm, if it is not possible - get a dog;
  • always control the serviceability of all networks within the house.

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