What should be considered while choosing an apartment?

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What should be considered while choosing an apartment?

An apartment selection is a responsible step that adsorb a lot of time, effort, stress, especially for inexperienced buyers. The first step is an identification of new housing’s criteria:

  • a location;
  • a price range;
  • a layout, a room number, a floor;
  • a legal process.

Main quality indicators

The important indicators for making a decision where to buy housing are:

  • a developed social infrastructure – located close to home kindergarten, school, hospital, pharmacy, sport club, stadium, playgrounds, entertaining places for kids and adults, cinema;
  • transport access to the most visited places – a presence of several kinds of public transport, bus stops in a walking distance, well-considered traffic connections, road access to a house, secured parking;
  • environmental situation – the industrial enterprises absence nearby as well as dump sites, busy highways, other objects that have negative impact on an environment and citizens’ health;
  • the presence of park areas, nature waters, places for a rest and walks;
  • the crime rate in a particular region, the streets’ lightning.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages it is possible to provide the best level of life for your family and yourself, by excluding unpleasant surprises while moving to a new apartment.

How to choose the most comfortable residence?

It is really hard to explore all the town districts for an active, working people by their own. It is wise to delegate the apartment selectionto the specialists. The service offered by “Place-index” includes a detailed report by customer’s parameters. It will satisfy all the population segments’ requirements:

  • for businessmen who value their time and live according to a strict schedule;
  • families, raising kids;
  • young people interested in sports;
  • noisy entertainments, late walks enthusiasts;
  • theater art, mass cultural events admirers;
  • elderly, who prefer peaceful life on a fresh air.

An infrastructure comparison of apartments in different regions, made in a professional way by “Place-index”, will help to identify the most profitable place for settlement, to live comfortably, work conveniently, raise healthy and cheerful kids.

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