Which region is best for an apartment or house purchase?

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Which region is best for an apartment or house purchase?

Every person tries to make a life as comfortable as possible. A right housing location is an important aspect. Some people prefer to live in the crowded place full of lights and noisy events, others are attracted with the green avenues. The professionals of “Place – index” will help to analyze the best region for you and your family.

The main selection criteria

The quality of life is evaluated due to each person’s individual needs. However, there are some aspects that minimize a plenty of unexpected problems. A developed social infrastructure close to the housing is a must for a comfortable living:

  • a good transport accessibility, preferably several public transport types, the bus stop closeness;
  • comfortable access roads, well-considered traffic connections, car berthing, parking places;
  • the supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks presence.

Before the purchase making for young people it is better to consider which region is better to live with kids. To make their babies as safe as possible, to create the optimal conditions for their healthy growth, it is necessary to check carefully the availability reachable by feet from a future home:

  • a kindergarten, a school – a capability to develop the talents of your wunderkind, if there is a busy highway on the way, the dangerous places for a kid;
  • a multidisciplinary health institution;
  • playgrounds, an entertainment centre;
  • a stadium, a sport club;
  • a cinema; a cultural, educational centre;
  • a parking zone.

ЛThe best regions for a living of people of any age, social status, an income are situated away from the industrial enterprises, dusty highways, close to the fragrant parks with a fresh air, lakes, beautiful promenades. No matter how comfortable and cozy a housing is, the unfavourable ecological, criminal situation, a bad quality water supply, the unpleasant outside world view, a permanent exhaustion caused by long transportation play an important role.

It is much easier to decide which region is best for an apartment or a house purchas with an expertise made by “Place-index”. You can easily choose the most suitable option that fits in a best way to all family members’ preference, taste and habits due to the provided report.

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