What is a Place–Index report ?

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What is a Place–Index report ?

A new analyzing and comparing tool for a property will help you to choose a best location for a living.

How will it help?

A move can happen in every person’ life. It is often a move to a completely new place. A place with few familiar people that can assist and advice. And even if these few people will suggest a good region in a right town it is unlikely that real estate will have a suitable offer in that location. The move worth a lot of efforts and stress, even if it’s a housing rent. The property purchase is prepared during months considering dozens and even hundreds of options. The market is full of fraudsters because of a high property cost. And the longest time is spent for a screening that kind of offers, the feedbacks checking, a work with a lawyer and an examination of seller’s documents. There is no time left for an analyze of infrastructure around a property under a consideration. And it is possible to lose substantial funds or peaceful living forever trying to resell a housing if not noticing in time just one of the negative objects during a screening. As an example, you didn’t notice a neighborhood with a fire department during a screening that will wake you up with a siren round the clock in the future. Or you didn’t make it in time to screen the map and find a closest school and your kid will have to spend an hour every day to get to the school. It is exponentially easier to use the new technologies and people’s experience in a social infrastructure area and get a detailed report. A report will consider each important social infrastructure object (further – SIO), and you will decide by your own which factors are decisive for you. Having a numeric index you could compare which of the options is best.

How it works?

Place-Index analyzes SIO due to a specially designed algorithm. There is a maximum remoteness for each SIO, if it is a school, a pharmacy or a bus stop that can be considered to be valuable. A suitable bus stop position – up to 700 meters, if a closest school is 5 km away, it can’t be called “suitable”, it is both uncomfortable to get to the pharmacy 2 and 4 km away. It is also important at least one SIO to be around for some cases. For others it is good to have several options around. An access to the nature object is very important as well – a forest, a river or a lake, a park. But 100 sqrd km of forest or a small brook can’t be considered an access to a nature. These objects should occupy a significant part of a total area around.

Each person has significant and least important SIO groups. As an example, an access to objects of a religion are not important for an atheist, also elderly do not care an access to educational SIO such as school, kindergarten and a college. That is whythe report is divided to 9 groups.

A group Prosperity worth separate mentioning. There are SIO, the neighborhood with which could make a living insufferable – dangerous prisons, extremely noisy airports and railway stations, cemetery.

Each SIO group has a numeric valuation. To compare what is more developed and what can cause problems, there are few report options benchmarks.

As a result, a Place-Index report consists:

  • 55 SIO
  • 9 SIO groups: Education, Health, Medical, Nature, Prosperity, Religion, Rest, Shops, Transport
  • in a radius from 300 to 3000 meters.

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